Strasbourg, France - UPDATE Tuesday Dec. 11, 2018 21:35 pm local European Central Time CEPA staff has confirmed that ESC Strasbourg students are safe and accounted for.
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Strasbourg, which means the “City of Roads”, is a fascinating and exciting place for students to live and study abroad. A diverse, modern and multicultural city with centuries of history, it is strategically located on the Rhine River, literally at the crossroads of Europe.

One of Europe’s largest cities, it is an important center for politics, culture, business, government, or just about anything else. Many universities have their roots in Strasbourg and many prestigious organizations such as the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, and the European Court of Human Rights have their headquarters here. It is a city with a rich tradition for education and history, with a significant importance to modern Europe.

Meet some of our alumni >

 EU Studies Program StrasbourgBenjamin Barret – Georgia State University

“Studying abroad in Strasbourg was the most amazing thing that I’ve ever done in my life. I learned about economies, populations, political situations of countries that I previously didn’t know where they were on a map. I learned about myself and broadened my horizons on other cultures, as well as gained connections and friends from all around the world. Living abroad definitely made me appreciate America, but also made me realize all the negatives of America as well. Strasbourg, I’ll be seeing you again!”

 EU Studies Program Strasbourg Treasure Lanham – West Virginia University

“This program in Strasbourg has truly been life-changing, as cliché and cheesy as that sounds. The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, and everything I’ve done and seen have truly changed me for the better, and I wouldn’t give these past four months up for anything. Studying abroad is something every college student should do!”


 EU Studies Program StrasbourgTim C. – Georgia State University

“I can absolutely recommend this program. The experience abroad was definitely worth the time and I learned that I could navigate in a foreign country and learn a foreign language quite easily. Strasbourg is a very safe, warm and welcoming city. We stayed at the Château de Pourtalès, it’s an awesome venue and the staff there was extremely helpful and kind.

The program includes a great amount of day and weekend excursions. I especially enjoyed the trip to SHAPE in Belgium. It was awesome and also the explorations of the castles and the winery was a lot of fun.”