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Housing, Meals, and Support

The Chateau will be your home, and your cohort and CEPA’s mindful and caring staff will become your family. This program provides housing, daily breakfast, a 24-hour crisis response team, and much more.


Take relevant courses that count toward your degree program during your summer or semester abroad. Courses are taught by experienced faculty at both the Chateau and the University of Strasbourg.

Cultural and professional excursions

Guided visits, lectures, and professional meetings are carefully selected to enrich your learning experience and professional development during your study abroad in Strasbourg.

Platform for Personal Exploration

Develop your personal and professional skills, and add some stamps to your passport while on study abroad. Engage in leadership opportunities on-site, share your experiences, and explore Europe.

Student Testimonials

Brandan Naef, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

“It was a ideal setting to learn and experience French culture, close to Germany and other countries as well. It was an interesting experience to view the lifestyles of another culture over a long time and see what parts of your life that you never thought about might be able to be changed or improved by thinking about it differently.”

Hannah Jones, West Virginia University

“From this experience, I gained a new sense of confidence and independence that I will carry with me from now on. Being able to see the world and travel on my own has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a person. Strasbourg is very centrally located and makes it very easy to get out and travel around Europe. The CEPA program was great because they supplemented our in class learning with excursions around the area to help us learn more and experience our environment. If given the chance I would do it all over again”

Jonah Harris, Georgia College and State University

“Selflessness, inspiration, and consciousness; these are the type of values and people that the ESC program attracts.”

Shinnay Richards, Georgia State University

“This experience was definitely worthwhile, and taught me a lot about myself that I was afraid to admit. I also learned so much about Europe that the history books did not include, and I must say it is intriguing to learn about a countries history while being able to visit the monumental areas.”

Andrea Crooks, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

“I learned so many things about other cultures through the other international students I met in classes. It was fascinating to see the similarities and differences between education, and the way everybody lives in Europe.”

Elizabeth Crawford, West Virginia University

“I learned a lot about myself. I gained several life lessons that I will apply in the future. Finally, I got to experience different cultures.”

Cameron Geer, Georgia State University

“Do it! Definitely worthwhile. It is important to learn the local language and step out of your comfort zone.”

About the European Study Center

Château de Pourtalès

The CEPA European Study Center Château de Pourtalès is a 250-year-old fairytale castle nestled gracefully in a beautiful park just minutes from the EU institutions and the historical center of one of Europe’s most dynamic and multi-cultural cities, Strasbourg, France. The Château de Pourtalès has witnessed nearly 300 of the most compelling years in the history of Western Europe and graciously welcomed some of Europe’s most notable nobility, diplomats, dignitaries, musicians, philosophers and poets.

Today, the Château continues to offer its hospitality to guests from all over the world. University level study abroad students, policy-makers, business leaders, as well as private travelers enjoy the quiet setting just minutes away from the bustling center of Strasbourg. As a student at the European Study Center, you will stay in shared rooms at the chateau, enjoy a catered French breakfast every morning, have free access to an international phone, student kitchen, library, and computer lab.

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Study Abroad at the European Study Center

The European Study Center in Strasbourg, France is operated by the CEPA Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to offering high-quality study abroad programs that positively impact personal, academic, and career goals of students. We also seek to foster intercultural and cross-cultural dialogue, encouraging international collaborative research, leadership, and professional development, and improve the quality of life for underprivileged families in developing countries. Semester and Summer Programs at the Chateau de Pourtales are offered through the CEPA Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg, and in partnership with its affiliate partner universities in the USA.

The ESC Strasbourg Program is designed to:

  • Be an interdisciplinary program, bringing together a broad range of courses including political science, economics, business, management, history, art, languages, literature and culture.
  • Increase intercultural competence through integration into the French education system and through firsthand experience with everyday life.
  • Develop leadership, intercultural communication, and foster personal growth.

The Fall and Spring Semester Programs offer two separate academic tracks to fit the study abroad needs of all students:

  • European Politics / EU Studies
  • International and European Business

The Summer Leadership Program offers two courses to help students hone their leadership and intercultural skills:

  • Intercultural Leadership
  • Intercultural Communication

All students at the European Study Center receive:

  • Cultural immersion and professional experiences through the integrated field trips
  • 2 specially designed courses to meet the academic needs of their program
  • Regular university courses taught in English (courses taught in French are also available)
  • An extensive cultural and social program
  • Housing options: in a historical French castle
  • Personal support from our on-site team in Strasbourg

Eligibility Requirements:

The Semester Program is open to both upper-division undergraduate and graduate students from accredited institutions in the United States and abroad. The Summer Leadership Program is open to undergraduate students from accredited institutions in the United States and abroad.

The Château offers everything needed for your study abroad:

  • Support from on-site team
  • Free daily breakfast
  • Classrooms and seminar space
  • Furnished student rooms
  • Free wireless internet access and computer lab
  • Student kitchen, student lounge, and TV room
  • Free international phone
  • Bicycles (free with deposit)
  • Library
  • Laundry facilities
  • Safe neighborhood

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