Summer Intercultural Leadership Program

Session Ι: May 27 – June 24, 2023
Session ΙΙ: June 24 – July 22. 2023

This program has enhanced my understanding of my flaws, strengths, and values. I feel more confident in my sense of self and have the tools to be an international leader

Jonah Harris, Georgia College and State University, Intercultural Leadership Program

  • Academic Field(s)

    Suitable for all majors.

    Designed for undergraduate students, the course content focuses primarily on business and political leadership. The instructors are from American and European universities. This is an intensive program and students are encouraged to complete some of the required reading ahead of time.

  • Tentative Dates
    Summer Session I

    Program starts on:
    Saturday, May 27, 2023

    Program ends on:
    Saturday, June 24, 2023

    Summer Session II

    Program starts on:
    Saturday, June 24, 2023

    Program ends on:
    Saturday, July 22, 2023

  • Destinations

    Based in: Strasbourg, France

    Field trip to: Heidelberg, Germany

  • Eligibility
    • Students of all majors are encouraged to apply
    • Students who have completed one year of college-level study will be prepared for the academic coursework
    • Students must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university with a 2.8 GPA or higher
  • Application Deadlines

    Session I – March 1

    Session II – April 1

  • Accomodation

    Housing and daily breakfast provided at the Château de Pourtalès

  • Program Fee

    One session: $5,990

    Both sessions: $10,900

    Scholarships Available

  • Included per session

    2 courses, professional development opportunities, field trips, local and international excursions, site and company visits, housing, group pick-up and transfer on arrival day

This engaging and interactive summer study abroad program combines classroom instruction with high-profile guest lectures, visits, and excursions, as well as practical training in the areas of stakeholder analysis, strategic planning, goal setting, mediation, social responsibility, intercultural negotiation, and leadership. At the end of the program, students will be better prepared for their future careers as leaders in a globalized world.

Throughout each session, students will be motivated to step up and lead, question, engage, grow, commit, create community, and continue to develop as the unfolding leaders they would like to become. Attending class, being prepared and completing readings and assignments, and actively participating in class discussions and activities are not only expected but essential for every student’s individual success and growth through participation in this program.

Students can enroll in one or both sessions.

This program is organized in partnership with the Sullivan Foundation.

Chateau de Pourtales, European Study Center in Strasbourg France
  • Accommodation

    Housing and daily breakfast at the Château de Pourtalès

    • Dorm style accommodation with twin rooms and shared bathrooms
    • Full buffet-style French breakfast provided every morning
    • 18th century French castle surrounded by large nature park

    (Rooms are limited at the Château and based on first-come, first-served. Additional housing will be arranged, should the Château fill up)

  • Academics

    Session I

    6 credits (2 courses), transcripts, lectures, professional development opportunities

    • Cross-cultural Communication (3 semester credit hours)
    • Sustainable Leadership: Leadership by Design (3 semester credit hours)
    • Multiple guest lectures addressing international relations, business, peace building, and communications

    Session II

    • Leading for Impact + Innovation (3 semester credit hours)
    • Experiential Learning in Europe: Designing Creative Communities (3 semester credit hours)
    • Multiple guest lectures addressing international relations, business, peace building, and communications
Flags of the European Union in Brussels
  • Excursions, Field Trips, and Immersive Learning Opportunities
    • Guided tours and professional visits to European institutions and international businesses
    • Multiple excursions to international and European companies and organizations and cultural sites in France and Germany
    • All-day corporate leadership workshop
    • Orientation program
    • Lectures, workshops, and professional seminars
Students on an Excursion at the European Study Center in Strasbourg
  • On-The-Ground Support and Assistance
    • Accessible and friendly on-site staff
    • 24/7 emergency service and support
    • Pre and post-departure assistance
    • Dedicated coordinator and helpful ESC Center staff
    • Personal support from on-site team in Strasbourg
    • Local public transportation and select meals during excursions

Summer 2023 Tentative Dates

Application deadline Session IMarch 1 (Late applications accepted based on availability)
$500 non-refundable depositDue within 7 days of invoice or March 1, whichever comes first
First paymentDue by April 1
Final paymentDue by May 1
Arrival in Strasbourg PROGRAM BEGINSSaturday, May 27, 2023
PROGRAM ENDS, check-outSaturday, June 24, 2023
Application deadline Session IIApril 1 (Late applications accepted based on availability)
$500 non-refundable depositDue within 7 days of invoice or March 1, whichever comes first
First paymentDue by May 1
Final paymentDue by June 1
Arrival in Strasbourg PROGRAM BEGINSSaturday, June 24, 2023
PROGRAM ENDS, check-outSaturday, July 22, 2023

Fee Structure

 Courses, Credits, and Transcripts+ Cultural Program CEPA Services+ Housing, breakfast daily, and some group meals= Program Fee
Fall Semester 2022 $5,550$4,690$3,750$13,990
Spring Semester 2023 (Business Track, 15 weeks)$5,550$4,690$3,750$13,990
Spring Semester 2023 (Politics Track, 19 weeks)$5,580$4,720$4,190$14,490
Summer 2023$2,550$1,770$1,670$5,990

We’re here to help!

Eliana Rafael

Eliana Rafael

Program Manager

Students will enroll in two courses taught at the European Study Center during each session. The courses are 3 US credit hours each, for a total of 6 US credit hours for your program. Students may enroll in both sessions. The courses will include both classroom instruction and service-learning/professional development elements and excursions.

The academic courses examine leadership from the perspectives of Political Science, Sociology, International Business, and Management. The instructors are from American and European universities. This is an intensive program and students are encouraged to complete some of the required reading ahead of time.

Session I

May 27 – June 24, 2023

Apply by March 1, 2023

Apply for Session I

Harold directs the Office of Leadership Programs and teaches courses on principles of leadership at Georgia College. A specialist in international affairs and transatlantic relations, he is currently writing a book entitled Dangerous Power: An International History of German Unification, 1969-1993. 

Dr. Mock’s research and teaching interests include civil-military relations, particularly related to nuclear strategy and defense planning in western Europe. He holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Virginia, where he previously served as Bradley Research Fellow.

Additionally, Dr. Mock holds a master’s degree in history from Virginia and bachelor’s degrees in political science and history from Georgia College. He is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Atlanta Council on International Relations.

GOVT 4399 ST – Sustainable Leadership: Global Leadership by Design

(3 semester credit hours)


Dr. Harold Mock, Director of Leadership Programs and Assistant Professor of History at Georgia College and State University

Course Description:

This thought-provoking course takes students on a journey as they explore leadership philosophies and styles. Students will learn how to effectively interact in culturally appropriate and sustainable ways. Through readings, research, dialogue, critical analysis, and interactive learning, students will discover how to be global leaders in a complex world.

Dr. Kevin MacGabhann has almost 20 years of experience in academic and senior management in international and higher education. Born and raised in Dublin, Kevin began his international career in the United States and Japan before settling in France in 2000.

Dr. Kevin Mac Gabhann is the Associate Dean of International Relations at EM Strasbourg Business School, Université de Strasbourg, Managing Director of HERMES an international network of 26 universities worldwide, and a founding member of CANIE – Climate Action Network for International Educators. Holding a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from the University of Strasbourg, Kevin is an Associate Professor in International Management.

Marketa comes from the United States where she obtained a BA from Ohio State University and an MA at Ohio University. Prior to joining CEPA, Marketa managed international education and study abroad programs in Germany and in the Czech Republic.

She also had the chance to live in Taiwan where she obtained a Ph.D. at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.  Marketa enjoys travel, experiencing different cultures, and learning about different languages. Besides English, which is her native language, Marketa speaks German and Czech fluently. She also has a basic command of French and some Mandarin.

SOCI 3332 Culturology-Cross-Cultural Communication – BINT 3366 Intercultural Communication

(3 semester credit hours)

Instructors: Dr. Kevin MacGabhann, Associate Dean of International Relations at EM Strasbourg, Managing Director of Hermes, Co-founder member CAN-IE, University of Strasbourg

Dr. Marketa Lepicovsky, Academic Director, CEPA Foundation

Course Description:

This course introduces students to key concepts and theories surrounding international and intercultural communication. In our interdependent world, intercultural communication is an asset to students of all majors as they require the knowledge, skills, insights, and sensitivities to be upstanding citizens and successful leaders.

Course Prefix

This course can be transcripted as either SOCI 3332 Culturology-Cross-Cultural Communication OR BINT 3366 Intercultural Communication.

The class and course outline is identical for both prefixes. This allows the flexibility for both business and non-business majors to select which “prefix” (SOCI or BINT) best fits their major.

Students must pre-select the course designator (academic discipline) on the application form.

Session II

June 24 – July 22, 2023

Apply by April 1, 2023

Apply for Session II

He received his doctorate from Mississippi State University in Public Policy and Administration. Jody Holland teaches public policy courses that range from general policy issues to specialized policies such as food policy, economic development, nonprofit organizations, grant writing, and leadership development.

Using a critical analysis perspective, Jody teaches solution-based strategies to enhance the implementation of public policy and leadership. In addition, he pursues an engaged scholarship agenda with nonprofit organizations regarding leadership and organization development. He has been associated with securing over $4 million in grant funding and producing over 20 peer-reviewed publications.

Jody is the Executive Director of the Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow (LOFT), which is the local community foundation that provides grants to local nonprofits. Also, Jody is the founder of Holland Consulting Group, which aids public, private, and nonprofit organizations on topics such as leadership training, policy analysis, grant writing, and organizational and program evaluation.

BMGT 4399 ST – Leading for Impact + Innovation

Instructor: Dr. Joseph (Jody) Holland, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Policy Leadership, The University of Mississippi

Course Description:

This course will introduce you to the emerging field of social entrepreneurship and innovation through a leadership framework. You’ll develop your individual and collective capacities to implement impactful, sustainable, and scalable methods of solving society’s problems. By the end of the course, you’ll create a personalized leadership report to help you understand how you can uniquely lead others.

He is the author of ‘Designing Creative Communities’ and founder of My Creative Community, which provides strategic support to organizations interested in designing engaging experiences for their communities.

He has launched numerous social ventures – including 3 Dots, the and New Leaf Initiative – all of which are physical spaces designed to spark innovation and connection in communities.

Spud Marshall – Cultivating Changemaker Communities (

BINT 3340 Experiential Learning in Europe: Designing Creative Communities

(3 Semester credits)

Instructor: Spud Marshall, Social Entrepreneur and Creative Community Builder

Course Description:

This course will teach you how to effectively engage with a community and identify solutions to pressing local problems. You’ll learn creative storytelling techniques and approaches for how to bring an idea to life from a grassroots perspective. During the course, you will be responsible for developing an original blueprint for social innovation & change while working with local partners and enterprises.

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