• Student Ambassador Positions

    Professional Development Opportunities at Home and Abroad

Does this Sound Like You?

CEPA Foundation is always looking for students who are passionate about study abroad, travel, and Europe to serve as an On-Site or Campus Student Ambassador! As a Student Ambassador, you will make a global impact by applying your skills to promote study abroad, sharing stories from your experience in Europe, and inspiring others through engagement, visual, and written media. Have a fun time AND make extra spending money in Europe and back on your home campus. 

I want to share my story

Share your study abroad experiences and lessons with a global audience. Ambassadors write and curate content for the International Insights Student Blog, create social media posts and campaigns, and develop short films and videos.  Ambassadors engage fellow students and community members by sharing their experiences from abroad and encouraging others to do the same.

I want to learn new skills

Develop your portfolio and professional skillset by applying new methods, participating in training, and implementing strategies in pursuit of your ambassador duties. Make concrete steps toward achieving your professional goals by acquiring knowledge and skills you can take into the workplace and apply in your academic program.

I want to inspire others

Enhance your global impact as a Student Ambassador. The content that you contribute during your semester abroad and as an alumnus is shared with partners, universities, and students worldwide. Your contributions are critical to making international study more accessible, increasing diversity in study abroad programs, and inspiring others to study abroad.

I want to enhance my resume

Further your professional development and enhance your resume with international work experience during your semester abroad and on your home campus. As a self-motivated leader and learner, you will develop content and work with the communications team at CEPA to contribute to outreach and engagement operations.

European Study Center Ambassadors