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Combine two things you love:
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We welcome students to be guest editors on our student blog “Stories from Strasbourg” and social media ambassadors who post stories on Instagram:

If you are passionate about study abroad, travel, and Europe, and would like to earn some extra spending money, ask about becoming an On-Site or Campus Student Ambassador!

As a Student Ambassador, you will make a global impact by applying your skills to promote study abroad, sharing stories from your experience in Europe, and inspiring others through engagement, visual, and written or video media.

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  • There’s a first time for everything… March 16, 2023
    By Caroline Morgan I categorize myself as an adventurous homebody. Although I know many people do not share the same feelings as me, I love my hometown, and although I love traveling and exploring new places I am not used to doing it without my … The post There’s a first time for everything… first appeared […]
    Caroline Morgan
  • Big Fish, BIG World? – Tips December 12, 2022
    Big Fish, Small World: Hack Your CEPA Program! Bonjour mon amis! I thought the best use of my last post was reaching out to prospective CEPA participants. I recently reread their prep guide, and I can give you five tips and tricks to maximize your … The post Big Fish, BIG World? – Tips first appeared […]
    Kyle Kath

Fall 2022

Social Media Ambassadors

Kyle Kath

Georgia State University

I’m Kyle, a non-traditional (that’s code for old) Senior student at Georgia State University studying Political Science. I love my four dogs, motorcycle rides, comics, and of course, travel. Being a more mature person in a young person’s world is as exhilarating as it is frustrating; and, has led to the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

Jaiden Henriques

Georgia State University

Hello! My name is Jaiden and I am from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. I attend Georgia State University as a psychology student with a minor in political science in my Junior year. Here at the University of Strasbourg, I am enrolled in the business school.

My favorite thing to do is travel, and with this being my first time in Europe I am very excited to explore France along with other nearby countries.

From this study abroad experience, I hope to become a globally competent individual and make a difference in our world.

Sandra Perez

Georgia State University

Hi there! My name is Sandra, and I am a current senior at Georgia State University from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. My major is in Marketing with a minor in International Business.

I enjoy getting brunch, playing tennis, and meeting new people on my travel adventures.

I hope to share our experiences as exchange students so that more students can be motivated to study abroad and seek the opportunities out there.

Spring 2022
Semester Ambassadors

Lauren Krueger

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Krueger, and I am one of the Social Media Ambassadors living in Strasbourg this semester. I am so excited to share my experiences with all of you as an exchange student with CEPA!

I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and am studying Journalism and Media Studies back home. I am most interested in the arts, music, and architecture of European culture and am hoping to discover as much as I can while I’m here. I’m not fluent in French yet, but I know enough to get around the city!

My goal is to share the good and the bad about living abroad with you: the culture shocks, language barriers, homesickness, and more. I want to give you the tools to truly prepare for and understand this experience, and show you how beautiful it can be!
Feel free to contact me through the CEPA account or my personal account! Bienvenue dans ma vie!

Devin Clark

Roanoke College

Hello everyone! My name is Devin Clark and I am a social media ambassador for the CEPA Foundation for the Spring Semester of 2022! I am honored to have this opportunity to share my experiences with all of you! I hope you all are as excited as I am! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on either of my personal Instagrams: @de7in_c @devin_le_papillon_voyageur

Past European Study Center Ambassadors