Spring Semester Program

Strasbourg | Brussels | January-April/May| 12-15 Credits

I learned a lot about myself. I gained several life lessons that I will apply in the future. Finally, I got to experience different cultures.

Elizabeth Crawford, West Virginia University, Spring Semester Student

  • Academic Field(s)

    Business, Marketing, Global Studies, Politics, Finance, French, Accounting, History, Sociology, and more!

  • Dates

    Spring Semester at EM (Jan. 3 – April 27, 2022)

    Spring Semester at IEP (Jan. 3 – May 2022)

  • Destinations

    Strasbourg, France; Brussels, Belgium; various cities in France and Germany

  • Eligibility

    College Sophomore or higher with 2.5 GPA, all majors welcome

  • Application Deadline

    October 15

  • Accommodation

    Housing and daily breakfast provided at the Chateau de Pourtales

  • Finances

    Scholarships Available

  • Included

    Professional development opporutnities, field trips, local and international excursions, site and company visits

From the beginning to the end of Spring semester, Strasbourg’s unique charm will inspire you to become a student of culture. Nestled along the curve of the Rhine, Strasbourg sits at the intersection of French and German tradition. From pretzels to philosophy, wine to wieners, your learning won’t be confined to the halls of the University, as you will be exploring Europe from the seat of the European Parliament– gathering new insights to the people, cultures, foods, and ways of life.

During your program, you will take courses at both the Chateau and at the University of Strasbourg. All majors are welcome on this program and will be able to take courses in disciplines such as politics, business, French, humanities, global studies, finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, and economics. Classes are all available in English and you will have the opportunity to take courses at the University alongside French and other international students.

Spending a semester at the chateau means spending a semester in the center of Europe. You will have the placement to travel across the continent and also appreciate the transition from winter to spring. You could begin the semester skiing in the Alps or the Vosges (the mountain range to the west of Strasbourg), as the Europe blossoms, you may find yourself in the Netherlands looking at the tulips, or in Budapest for the Spring Festival. There is so much to explore and enjoy during the Spring semester!

Chateau de Pourtales, European Study Center in Strasbourg France
  • Accommodation

    Housing and daily breakfast at the Chateau de Pourtales

    • Dorm style accommodation with twin rooms and shared bathrooms
    • Full buffet-style French breakfast provided every morning
    • 18th century French castle surrounded by large nature park
  • Academics

    12-15 credits, transcripts, lectures, professional development opportunities

    • Exchange courses at Ecole de Management (Business School)
    • Exchange courses at Sciences Po (Political Sciences School)
    • Two courses (3 credits each) at the Chateau
    • Multiple guest lectures addressing international relations, business, peace building, and communications
Flags of the European Union in Brussels
  • Excursions, Field Trips, and Immersive Learning Opportunities
    • 3-Day excursion to Verdun, Mons, and Brussels, Belgium to explore intergovernmental insitutions
    • Participation and presentation at the “Castle Talks” International Symposium
    • Guided tours and professional visits to European institutions and international businesses
    • Multiple excursions and visits to companies and cities in France and Germany
Students on an Excursion at the European Study Center in Strasbourg
  • On-The-Ground Support and Assistance
    • Accessible and friendly on-site staff
    • 24/7 emergency service and support
    • Pre and post-departure assistance
    • Dedicated coordinator and helpful ESC Center staff

12-15 US Credits

During your program, you will enroll in two courses taught at the European Study Center and will take the remainder of your courses at the University of Strasbourg, either at Sciences Po (IEP) or the Ecole de Management (EM). There is no foreign language requirement for this program as you will be able to take all of your courses in English.

Chateau Courses (6 US credits)

Courses at the chateau are 3 US credit hours each, for a total of 6 US credit hours toward your semester courses. The courses will include both classroom instruction and service-learning/professional development elements and excursions. Course offerings at the Chateau for the semester are as follows:

  • The European Union and Contemporary European Affairs
  • European Identity and Cross-Cultural Communication

Visit the Syllabi Library to download syllabi, get more information on courses, and read specific learning outcomes. 

Exchange Courses (6-9 US credits)

You will have the opportunity alongside French and International students at the University of Strasbourg. Courses are available in English, but you may still elect to take courses in French if you can document a high level of competency in the language. There are two tracks available for semester students, Political Science (IEP) and Business (EM).

When you enroll in courses at the University of Strasbourg, courses will be listed in ECTS (European Credit Transfer Service). In most cases, two courses at the University of Strasbourg will transfer back to your home university as a single 3-US-credit course (2:1 ratio). Work with your study abroad office to select the courses and determine the appropriate course numbers and identifiers for when they are transcripted.

There are too many courses available at the University for us to list them all here!! For updated course listings during each semester, visit the University’s website for your track (EM or IEP), or visit the Syllabi Library to download syllabi, get more information on courses, and read specific learning outcomes. 

International Culture and Career Seminar

(3 sessions of 2 hours each, not for credit)

Description: This seminar is designed for students to focus on developing their professional, academic, and personal skills during their study abroad program. The seminar is specifically designed to meet students where they are and guide them into a deeper reflection. The seminar will help our students put their understanding into context and prepare for their future personal and professional lives. Students and on-site team will meet regularly during the students’ study abroad experience. Students will participate in a number of cultural excursions, a service learning opportunity, business visits, an international symposium, a number of reflective discussions, and engage in culture and career development activities.

Syllabi Library

Spring Dates

Application deadlineOctober 15 (Late applications accepted based on availability)
$500 non-refundable depositDue within 7 days of invoice or October 15, whichever comes first
First paymentDue for IEP by Nov. 1Due for EM by Nov. 30
Final paymentDue by December 1
Arrival in Strasbourg PROGRAM BEGINSJanuary 3, 2022 (TBA)
Blocked Weekend - activities are planned on these days, please do not travel independentlyTBA
Blocked Weekend - activities are planned on these days, please do not travel independentlyTBA
Blocked Weekend - activities are planned on these days, please do not travel independentlyTBA
PROGRAM ENDS, check-outEM April 27 / IEP May 29

Fee Structure

 Courses, Credits, and Transcripts+ Cultural Program CEPA Services+ Housing, breakfast daily, and some group meals= Program Fee
Summer (5 weeks)$2,550$1,770$1,470$5,790
Fall Semester (15 weeks)$5,250$4,590$3,650$13,490
Spring Semester (Business Track, 15 weeks)$5,250$4,590$3,650$13,490
Spring Semester (Politics Track, 19 weeks)$5,250$4,590$4,150$13,990
Syllabi Library

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