Cultural Field Trips

3 day trip to Brussels and Verdun

3 day / 2 night excursion to Brussels, Belgium to visit the EU Institutions (European Commission, Council of the European Union, SHAPE) and to Verdun, France for a guided tour of the historic WWI battlefield.

Day Trip along the Alsatian Wine Route

Guided Tour of the Haute Koenigsbourg Castle

The castle is nestled at a strategic location on a high hill overlooking the Alsatian plain; as a result it was used by successive powers from the Middle Ages until the Thirty Years' War when it was abandoned. In 1900 it was restored under the direction of Emperor Wilhelm II. Today it is a major tourist attraction.

Visit to Struthof in Natzwiller

Visit the former concentration camp Struthof in Natzwiller. You will learn about the camp’s creation and organization, the deportees and their daily lives, omnipresent terror and death, the subcamps, the medical experiments, the end of the camp, the trials, memory, etc. The exhibition features collections of photos, archival documents, original objects and drawings. One space has been built to resemble the inside of a barrack as it was at the time.

Guided Walking and Boat Tours

Day Trip to the City of Heidelberg

Join your guide for a walking tour of Heidelberg and learn more about the historic city center of Heidelberg. See Germany’s longest shopping street, and the old bridge over the Neckar river. Entrance to the famous Heidelberg Castle included.

Excursions in and around Strasbourg

Explore Strasbourg and Alsace during multiple day excursions.

Visit to an automobile company in Rastatt

Visit Mercedes-Benz at the Daimler AG in Rastatt. Daimler AG distributes a total of over 100 individual vehicle models in the product categories cars, vans, trucks and buses in around 200 countries worldwide. The company rounds off its product portfolio with automotive financial services in more than 40 countries. With the Mercedes-Benz, smart und Maybach brands, Daimler AG offers its international passenger car customers top class premium automobiles in all vehicle segments.