Student Reviews of the EU Studies Program

I had such an amazing time in Brussels with the other CEPA students, and I then got to travel to Copenhagen to fulfil my dream of riding a bike in one of the most well designed cities in the world. To put it simply, winter break was amazing!

– Charlotte Carr, The University of Virginia

Winter break was something I will never forget. I made a solo journey to Sweden and was able to see the northern lights, ride a snowmobile and feed reindeer from my hands. It was an amazing experience and I will be grateful for that opportunity forever

– Emily Tingler, West Virginia University

I will never forget the winter break of 2016 with CEPA. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to share the experience. It was very informative and provided stories for me to share with my friends and family. I really enjoyed the freedom the program allowed us and had a fantastic time in Amsterdam. I would recommend the program to anyone!

– Guy Stewart, West Virginia University

I really appreciated the opportunity to travel outside of western Europe. This program gives me placement to experience, a variety of faces to Europe.

–Renee Van Amburgh, Georgia State University


Between the opportunities provided by the CEPA Brussels trip and the chance I had to travel to Krakow, Poland on my own, I am so thankful for the diverse excursions that are available while being in Europe.

– Abby Hundley, Mercer University

Not only was the excursion organized through CEPA an enlightening and awesome experience, but our trip on our own to Poland was beautiful and historically relevant!

– Rachel Kline, University of Florida

Brussels was the best ever!! I will never forget the chocolates I had there.

– Diane Park