French Visa Application Steps

We know this process can be confusing!! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Step 1: Universite de Strasbourg Application

  • Once you apply to the program, you will recieve a link to apply for the Universite de Strasbourg.
  • What you need from Universite de Strasbourg: Acceptance Letter
    • Complete the necessary Application for your track: Ecole de Management (EM: Business Track) or Institut d'Etudes Politiques/Sciences Po (IEP: Political Science)

Step 2: Campus France

  • Campus France Webiste
  • This should be done as soon as possible. It is the slowest piece and will delay the rest of the visa process
  • Campus France fee applies: $190 (according to Campus France USA website). You can also have your package expedited in 3 business days for $340. If you are getting charged a different amount, their site information page may not be up to date.
  • What you need from Campus France: Campus France Verification (this is generally issued within 3 weeks)** you cannot go to the consulate without this!

Step 3: Apply for Visa and make Consular appointment – VFS Global

  • VFS Website and Login Instructions
    • Campus France now instructs students to use VFS global to make their consular appointment (this is new). There is a $28 fee for VFS Global as they function as a courier service.
  • Visa type: long sejour/ long stay
  • Students must have their Campus France approval and Universite de Strasbourg acceptance letter before going in person to the consular appointment
    • We suggest scheduling the consular appointment ASAP--even before you have recieved all necessary documents. Consulates have a reputation for offering few appointments. Check frequently and early in the process to reserve your space.

Step 4: Consular Appointment and Receipt of Visa

  • You must report to the consulate that services your legal residence.
  • The consulate will not accept incomplete via applications.
  • Visa fee of 99 € (approx. $111) applies.
  • Students can pick up their visa in person or have it mailed to their address (they will have to bring a pre-purchased envelope if they select this option. This process is usually completed within 1.5-2 weeks of the appointment

What to Bring with you to the Consular Appointment:

See our Consular Appointment ChecklistDetailed description of documents below!

  • You definitely need:
  • We recommend that you also bring:
    • Acceptance letter from University of Strasbourg (provided by University of Strasbourg)
    • Confirmation of international student health insurance (provided by your school)
    • Any Reciepts from Campus France, VFS Global, CEPA, you school… just in case!s
  • You may be asked to bring:
    • A pre-paid FedEx envelope (with Tracking) so that the Consulate can mail your Passport back to you securely (if you live nearby, you will likely have the option to pick up your passport in person)



This page and process was last updated December 2019. We will update this page as visa requirements change.