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  • I Left My Heart in Heidelberg
    Last summer was the most life changing experience for me. Participating in the European Study Center’s Intercultural Leadership program was the most rewarding experience of my college journey. From the first day I arrived, I felt an openness to the world that I had not …
    Dajee Lyles
  • Heidelberg: The City Lost in Time
    The city of Heidelberg, Germany was not at all what I was expecting. Other cities in Germany that I had visited bore the same similarities: new, pristine, industrious cities focused on innovation and consumerism. However, to me, Heidelberg is the hidden gem of Germany. Just …
    Sarah Wallace
  • Valentine’s Day — Paris, France
    New Years Day I walked out of a cottage in Saint Germain, Wisconsin saying goodbye to my partner to fly away to a country across the world. Granted he would be studying abroad in Rome, Italy he would not be traveling to Europe until later …
    Brandan Naef
  • Berlin
    The week after my birthday, we decided to take another trip into Germany, this time to Berlin. Berlin has been one of the coolest cities I’ve ever visited, and once again I walked away with a much broader understanding of Germany’s history. We pulled into Berlin around 8am …
    Rachel Kline
  • 10 Things I Learned from Studying Abroad – 1 Year Later
    One year ago, I was traveling to Ireland with six other students that I would consider some of my best friends today. It was our second trip together. The first trip we went on was to Switzerland. I have always dreamed of going to Ireland …
    Elizabeth Crawford