Alumni Spotlight: Paige Dillistone

Paige is a Strasbourg alumna from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM)

Meet Paige Dillistone! Paige studied at the ESC in Spring of 2016 while an undergraduate at the University of Southern Mississippi. She currently lives in Hattiesburg, MS where she is completing her Master of Professional Accountancy.

When asked about how her study abroad experience impacted her, this is what Paige had to say: “Studying abroad and living in Strasbourg was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! Having the opportunity to learn about a different culture and experiencing it up close is irreplaceable. Since then, I have been given the chance to be an ambassador on my campus, and I even had an opportunity this past year to work in Sydney NSW Australia with my future employer because I already had the foreign exposure that they were looking for in their Global Internship Program!

Strasbourg, the friends I made there, and the experience I had have impacted the way I interact with others and continue to inspire my goals today. You miss all the opportunities you don’t take, and I am so glad I pursued studying abroad!”

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