Alumni Spotlight: Kirsten Quinn

Kirsten is a semester alumna from Birmingham Southern College

Meet Kirsten Quinn! Kirsten’s study abroad in Strasbourg helped propel her toward a career in law. While in Strasbourg, Kirsten took courses on Human Rights Law and spent time at the European Court of Human Rights. She completed her Bachelor’s in Human Rights and Conflict Studies this year and says that her experience during study abroad helped solidify her decision to pursue a legal career. Currently, Kirsten is taking a much-deserved gap year as she prepares for law school!

While she counts study abroad as a time of tremendous personal and professional growth, Kirsten also values the friendships that she made: “I made some of the best friends in the CEPA program and continue to stay in touch with them—their friendship is one of the best outcomes of my time spent in Strasbourg!”

Follow Kirsten on Instagram: @kirquinn

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