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Grades & Transcripts

Grading and Credits

The University of Strasbourg will provide grades for all of its courses in the French system (1-20).
Grades will be issued on the University of Strasbourg transcripts as ECTS credits.


The University of Strasbourg transcripts will be provided to each student who successfully completed their coursework and exams.

Spring semester – issued in late June
Fall semester – issued in late February

West Virginia University will translate the ECTS credits and University of Strasbourg transcripts into the American letter grading system and provide the final transcripts.

Students who successfully complete the semester in Strasbourg will receive 15 US semester transfer credits from West Virginia University.

Please note: Students enrolled in the semester program through an Affiliate Institution, such as Georgia State University, Mercer University, or the University of the Incarnate Word will receive the US transcripts directly from their home university.