Welcome to the European Study Center (ESC) in Strasbourg, France

Courses are taught in English at the University of Strasbourg for US semester transfer credit. Fields of Study: Business, Economics, EU Studies, Political Science, French Culture and Language

The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from accredited colleges and universities. All majors are welcome to apply. Minimum 2.5 GPA required. All courses may be taken in English. Students with sufficient foreign language skills in French can take courses in French.

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Welcome to the Château

Why live in the dorms when you can live in a castle? During the semester program, you can choose to live at the CEPA Study Center Château de Pourtalès, which is a 250-year-old castle nestled in a beautiful park near the EU institutions and Strasbourg city center. Homestay and student housing options are also available.


Academic Program

Courses are taught in English or French for students with sufficient language skills. Many courses offered in the semester that will cover subjects such as political science, European Union studies, economics, business, public management, European history and culture, elementary/advanced courses in French language.


Cultural Program

Many wonderful opportunities to learn more about Europe and the European Union beyond books and the classroom are included during the semester - for example trips to important historical, cultural, and political sites in and around Strasbourg, Germany, and Belgium.

US Sponsoring Partner Universities

Students from any accredited university or college as well as students from West Virginia University (WVU) can apply through WVU:

Students from Georgia State University (GSU) and the UGA system can apply through GSU:

Students from Mercer University can apply to the program directly through Mercer:

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Meet our Spring 2017 Social Media Ambassador

Justin Beaudrot, Junior studying Political Science and Internaational Relations
Justin Baeudrot, Social Media Ambassador 2017

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The classes at the château are off to a great start. Mme. Wassenberg is teaching us about Europe and European identity. We are preparing for the upcoming symposium as well. Dr. Vahlas is teaching us the details about the European Union. We look forward to our individual presentations on the various topics.

The weather is starting to warm up in Strasbourg, too! Be sure to check out our photos here and on Instagram.

- Justin
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Calling all student leaders on campus! Join our Summer Intercultural Leadership Program at the European Study Center in Strasbourg, France. Spend 5 weeks abroad and earn 6 US semester credits. Scholarships worth up to $2,500 are available through the CEPA Foundation.
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